Introduction To AG Glass

Introduction to AG glass


Summary: “one principle, four categories, six parameters” :

1.What is the principle of AG glass?The glass forms uneven surface, causing diffuse reflection of light, thus achieving the purpose of anti-glare.

2.How many kinds of AG glass are there?

Four kinds: etched AG glass, coated AG glass, sprayed AG glass and coated AG glass (also known as AR glass), four kinds of anti-glare glass can achieve the purpose of anti-glare, but have different emphasis.It is common to etch AG glass and spray AG glass.

Etched glass is also known as chemically etched AG glass, which is etched on the surface of the original glass.AG glass is sprayed with nanomaterials on the surface of the glass.Another fundamental difference is “adhesion and clarity.”


3.How to check a piece of AG glass?What are the parameters

The parameters of AG glass are continuously developed with the customer’s requirements. As early as we only required the guanze degree, later we added the fog degree, roughness and transmittance. Recently, some customers have put forward the requirements of clarity, particle span and flicker point.

4.What are the applications of AG glass?

AG glass mainly used in electronic products, a wide range.The large size is mainly teaching, meeting, touch control all-in-one machine, while the small size is mainly car, financial equipment, painting board, etc.



Post time: Dec-02-2019

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