2019 China Glass Industry Working

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology participates in the 2019 China Glass Industry Working
Conference Source: Department of Raw Materials Industry


From December 5th to 6th, 2019, the 2019 China Glass Industry Working Conference & Technology Seminar and New Product Exhibition will be antiques in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Relevant personnel from the Department of Raw Materials Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attended the meeting.


The theme of the conference was “Safety, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Innovative Development”. It analyzed the current status and development trends of the glass industry ’s economic operation, discussed in depth the glass industry ’s efforts to resolve overcapacity, adjust its industrial structure and improve quality and efficiency. , Strengthening the supervision of non-standard glass products, prohibiting the use of high-sulfur petroleum coke, and other policies were made and interpreted, and explained the revision of the “Regulations on the Management of Building Safety Glass”. Events, seminars on fall safety glass technology, etc.


China Building Materials Federation, China Building Glass and Industrial Glass Association, Sichuan Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology, Sichuan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China Silicate Society, and governments from the production, processing, equipment, supporting, and distribution of flat glass More than 500 people from enterprises, associations and associations attended the meeting.

Post time: Dec-13-2019

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