• Glass Inventories Reach To 42 Millions Weight Boxes

    (China Glass Network) Facing pricing  raising tendency, current glass companies maintain their quotations in order to push deliveries. Glass inventories reach a high level to 42 million weight boxes, which breaks the record. Compared with previous 34 millions weight boxes, current glass inventori...
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              Dubai is a hot market and more than 100 clients come to visit us and get an order of bending tempered laminated glass, double glazing glass,raw material glass for construction and building. It is a great exhibition, we will come again in 2020, coming for Dubai EXPRO.  
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  • What Is Anti-glare Sapphire Glass?

    Anti-glare sapphire glass technology and application   What is anti-glare sapphire glass? Anti-glare sapphire glass, also known as anti-glare glass, English name is Anti-glare glass, which is a kind of glass for special processing of glass surface. The glare glass is used for the display scr...
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  • Introduction To AG Glass

    Introduction to AG glass   Summary: “one principle, four categories, six parameters” : 1.What is the principle of AG glass?The glass forms uneven surface, causing diffuse reflection of light, thus achieving the purpose of anti-glare. 2.How many kinds of AG glass are there? Four kinds:...
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  • Laminated Glass Wide Application

    What is Laminated Glass? Laminated glass , also called sandwich glass, is made up by double or multi-layers float glass in which there is PVB film, pressed by hot press machine after which the air will come out and the rest air will be dissolved in PVB film. The PVB film can be transparent, tint...
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  • Flat Tempered Glass

    ASK A QUESTION ABOUT THIS PRODUCT What is it? Tempered Glass is a toughened safety glass. It has undergone a special heat treatment to increase its strength and resistance to impact. In fact it is approximately five times more resistant than normal glass. As an example a piece of 8mm toughened gl...
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  • The new production plan is for old customers. Welcome to inquire about 3.2mm solar pattern tempered glass.

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  • Production for solar panel pattern glass
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  • Installation effect of our teleprompter glass

      Teleprompter glass, 3d image display glass, holographic spectroscope hologram glass sheet Teleprompter screen glass/one way mirror beam splitter glass.One way mirror glass is one kind of high technology glass mirror which is partially reflective and partially transparent.when one side ...
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    TOUGHENED FURNACE                                         WATER JET CUTTING MACHINERY                        ...
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                                                                                    Welcome you come...
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  • Clear and colored window louvers glass louver window 4mm 5mm 6mm clear louver glass price

    Clear and colored window louvers glass louver window 4mm 5mm 6mm clear louver glass price

    Size 4″x24″,4″x30″,4″x36″,6″x24″,6″x30″,6″x36″Other size we can customize Thickness 3-8mm Color Bronzing, ford blue,dark blue,ford green,dark green,euro grey,dark grey,etc. Variety Clear glass,ultra cl...
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