• Come on!! Wuhan

      The fighting force will our effective driving force Starting in January 2020, an infectious disease called “Novel Coronavirus Infection Outbreak Pneumonia” has occurred in Wuhan, China. The epidemic touched the hearts of people all over the world, in the face of the epidemic, C...
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  • China Won’t Raise Grain Import Quotas For U.S., Official Says

    China Won’t Raise Grain Import Quotas For U.S., Official Says State Council white paper shows China is 95% self-sufficient in grain,  and has not hit global import quota for many years.   China will not increase its annual global import quotas for certain grains due to a phase one trade dea...
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  • Advantages Of Shower Room

    1. Can divide the independent bath space. 2. Save space 3. With the shower room,the use of sprinkler shower water wil not spill outside the entire Bathroom to the ground wet. 4. Winter,the use of shower room can also play the role of insulation. 5. Shower room is rich in modeling,colorful,in add...
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  • Classification Of Shower Room

    Shower room by function of the whole shower room and simple shower room; According to the style of the corner-shaped shower room,a glyph bath screen,round-shaped shower room,bath tub, etc.Accord -ing to the shape of the chassis, the square, round, fan-shaped, diamond shower room,such as the door ...
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  • British Glass Warns Of No Tariff Damage $1.3 Billion Industry

    Representative body, British Glass, has warned that the £1.3 billion UK glass industry could be damaged by rushed Government proposals for zero tariffs if there is a no-deal Brexit.    British Glass and the Manufacturing Trade Remedies Alliance (MTRA) are fighting a proposal from Liam Fox,the Int...
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  • What is Greenhouse Glass ?

    What is Greenhouse Glass ?    Greenhouse glass, as the name suggests, is used to build vegetable glass greenhouse.  This kind of glass is heat-strengthed/ tempered/ toughened glass, 5 times stronger than plain glass.  Its thickness is 4mm, light transmittance is over 89%,  glass color can be...
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  • How To Use Tempered Glass In Your Home ?

      Tempered glass has many advantages than ordinary annealed glass, the most important property is safety.  It’s been heat treated, which toughens the glass and makes it impact resistant and thermal resistant.  Anyhow, tempered glass is one best choice for most home or business applications. ...
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  • The North American Flat Glass Market Will Exceed $12.5 Billion By 2024

       By 2024, the Canadian market for automotive flat glass could exceed $3.2 billion.The acceleration of urbanization and the growth of consumption and production of safe lightweight vehicles will stimulate the growth of products in the forecast period, and people will spend more on lightweight ve...
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  • The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Glass Industry Conference was held yesterday.

    The meeting considered that the rigid demand of glass sheet in the terminal market and the order for deep processing glass customers were stable and sufficient.On the basis of stabilizing the existing prices of glass, some single glass products could be slightly increased. In view of the fact tha...
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  • Certificate

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  • Season Greetings From Hongya Glass

             Season Greetings-Merry Christmas and Happy New Year   It’s another year of Christmas, in this beautiful season, we’d like to wish you and your family  a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!   Thank you to our clients for their business, and all our staff for your hardworking...
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  • 2023 Building Glass Market Forecast

      China,Europe,North America and Japan account for more than 80% of the total production of building glass.The main consumer markes for building glass are china,the United States and Europe.The concentration of building glass industry is relatively low compared with other industries.Asahi glass i...
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