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Heat resistant curved borosilicate glass tube half cylinder tube glass

Short Description:

  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Shape: Curve, Flat, tube or C shape
  • Size: less than 300mm diameter
  • Color: transparent
  • Application: lamp ligntin/High Pressure Steam Boiler
  • Product Name: half round glass tube
  • Usage: lamp, lighting
  • Thickness: 3mm,4mm
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    3D Printer Parts UM2 Borosilicate Glass Plate With 257*229*4mm for Ultimaker 2  3d printers

    Our advantage:

    1.High quality

    2.Professionally  packed in wooden boxes to prevent the damages during the transportation

    3.Customize any size you need.

    Glass plate with MK3 aluminium heated bed

    PCB heatbed with glass board

    3D Printer Parts  Borosilicate glass Plate for 3d printing size  257*229*4mm for UM2 printer

    3D Printer Parts  Borosilicate glass Plate for 3d printing size  257*229*4mm for UM2 printer

    3D Printer Parts  Borosilicate glass Plate for 3d printing size  257*229*4mm for UM2 printer

    Borosilicate glass 3.3 is one of transparent colorless glass, through wavelength is between 300 nm to 2500 nm, transmissivity is more than 90%. Coefficient of thermal expansion is 3.3. It can acid proof and alkali , the high temperature resistant is about 450°C. If course handling , the high temperature resistant can reach 550°C or so. Apply to lighting fixture , chemical industry , electron, high temperature equipment and so on.
    Borosilicate glass 3.3 has excellent transmission over the visible and NIR wavelengths working from 310nm to 2700nm. The surface quality is not as high as the BK7 versions.
    Borosilicate glass 3.3 has excellent chemical and thermal-shock resistance and has a maximum working temperature of 500°C so are excellent for use in high powered light source applications or an excellent choice for cold and hot mirror substrates..

    Borosilicate glass 3.3 specifications

    Product Name
    Borosilicate  glass
    2.23± 0.02g/cm3
    Tensile strength
    Bulk modulus
    93×103 M pa
    Modulus of rigidity
    Young’s modulus
    Compressive strength
    1200kg/ cm2
    Poisson’s ratio
    Thermal expansion coefficient
    (0-300℃) (3.3±0.1)x10-6K-1
    Coefficient of thermal conductivity
    1.2W×(m×k) -1
    Specific heat capacity
    (20-100℃) 00.82kJx(kgxk)
    Softening point
    810±10 ℃
    The resistivity1gρ
    250℃ 8.0Ω×cm
    Dielectric coefficientε
    Dielectric strength
    5 ×107V/M
    Dielectric loss factor
    tanσ(MC20℃)≤38 ×10-4
    Resistance to cold and hot shock
    Continuous working temperature

    Optical performance of borosilicate glass

    Light transmittance
    The refractive index
    The wavelength
    435.8nm=1.481, 479.9nm=1.4772 , 546.1nm=1.4732

    Borosilicate glass application

    Experimental instruments
    Chemical industry
    Food package
    Medical packaging
    Substrates for dielectric coatings
    Lighting applications
    Optical filter coating substrates
    Wafer substrates
    Anodic bonding applications
    Environmental technology
    Harsh environments
    Neutron absorbers
    Measurement and sensor technology
    Sight glass and optical glass


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